Honkawa Ranch

company data

Location3898 Oaza Takase, Hita City, Oita Prefecture, 877-0056, Japan
Capital10 million Japanese Yen
PresidentMr. Sumishige Honkawa
Salesapprox. 2 billion Japanese Yen (2006)
ProductsFresh milk, Calf, Beef cattle, Manure processing, Fermented manure sales (15 of 40kg bulk bags)


Gross Area40 hectares(approx.100 acres)
Milking Cows1,600 heads
Beef Cows210 heads (breeding donor)

iso4001 iso22000

We acquired ISO90001 and ISO14001 for milk quality and environmental protection (2004)


We at Honkawa Ranch are always taking into consideration hygiene and the environment, be it among farmland or in our offices. Here are some details about our initiatives below.

Environmental Management

We find effective uses for unused resources and include food production for both people and our cows (food cycle) into our system (big cycle) for sustainable agriculture.
Our goal is the realization of a sustainable society, environmental pollution prevention, and striving to reduce environmental impact by practicing with ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certificate.
We are also examined by external certification bodies every year and update our ISO14001 certification.
“Preventing environmental pollution, reduce environmental impact,” is our environmental safety committee’s slogan.
Everyone at Honkawa Ranch recognize the need for conservation, recycling, and environmental protection. We also place much of our attention towards the enhancement of our facilities and sustainable dairy farming, as well as the find uses for resources not currently being utilized.
Our efforts lead us to be able to acquire ISO 9001.14001 certification.