Mino Ranch

Mino Ranch is 40 hectares in total, with a 50 head rotary parlor at its center. Approximately 1600 milking cows are reared and managed here. In addition to dairy cows, we also raise calves for breeding.
We have various equipment around our facility to maintain a hygienic, healthy environment for both people and cows.
We prevent our cows from getting sick through our hygiene management and prevention system, as well as producing high quality milk and calves at a high rate.
Through our cloud application system, we can accomplish many things. Cattle management, individual information system management, and production planning are just a few things that are possible with our current system. We also have a health management system in place for our herd. Furthermore, we aim to improve our quality above and beyond what we thought possible.

Possessions as of April 2012
Milk cows:Milking
Beef cows:Breeding257

Countering Livestoc Pollution

The flooring of the cow barns at our ranch are carefully designed to prevent leakage of animal excretions from facilities to the outside environment. As part of daily control, we assure that all excrement is cleaned as fast as possible before it can seep outside, and also maintain a specific level of dryness in our cow barns. These efforts also help to prevent mastitis and hoof disease. The excretions are quickly moved to sheds and are brought to the compost mill, where they are fermented and composted into fertilizer.

Water Purifying and Ozonation plants

From the raw milk pipes leading to the storage tank to the milking machines themselves, all machinery in our milking chambers are thoroughly cleaned to control and maintain our high hygienic standards. Even calve facilities are frequently sanitized not just for these standards, but also for the hygienic management and disease control of our calves. All cleaned fluids are sent through a specialized septic, water-purifying tank, where it undergoes permeation membrane treatment. This liquid is then ozone treated, making it sterilized water. Through these processes, we are able to turn soiled water into reusable water within our ranch.

Hygenic Control of Milk

The facilities holding the raw milk piping and preservation tanks were designed to keep people moving in and out of the facility to a bare minimum. Our hygiene management techniques not just including udder cleaning during milking, our thorough milking procedures, milking device cleaning, and rapid refrigeration of the raw milk up to its shipping, have earned ISO22000 certification.
Because of these strict regulations, and for the hygienic management of the ranch and disease prevention for the cattle, visiting the grounds is restricted. We ask for your understanding concerning this matter.