About our group

Our goal is to raise good, healthy animals while maintaining our environment clean. Not only with our operations in Japan, but also in the United States (California) and Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), we are making efforts to protect the environment as well as keep a symbiotic relationship with our animals.

We are ISO14001 certified for evaluating, improving, and implementing our methods for environmental protection, and ISO22000 certified for food safety when producing milk.

From 2012, we have been making improvements in our facilities to decrease our ecological footprint. Thus far, we have added ozone processing equipment to our reverse osmosis septic water purifying system and increasing our renewal energy (solar power) intake. We are constantly doing our best to find ways of improving our facilities and keeping nature beautiful.


Overview of Bigcircle and smallcircle

Our animals are at the core of our operations in Japan, America, and Vietnam.
Focusing on our cows, our group’s starting point is Honkawa’s Mino Ranch where we produce milk primarily and raise calves for breeding and selling.
Beef production is handled by contracted farms in Ajimu, Usa, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto.
At our Amagase farm, we produce crops such as leeks, cabbage, etc. The fertilizer used to produce these crops is made from our very own compost. This is one way in which we practice sustainable agriculture.
We use juice pulp (since 1976) and shochu dregs (since 1984) in our cow feed. Through the effective knowhow we have gained, we can adjust their feed appropriately.
At present, we are using materials like these that people can’t normally use to make a special kind of cattle feed called “Eco Feed.”
With the inauguration of Honkawa Co., Ltd., we have started to manufacture, treat, and mix juice pulp, dregs, etc. into our forage production. This isn’t just a part of the food (small) cycle, but is also included in our big cycle for sustainable agriculture. As cows are herbivorous, grass fiber is of the utmost importance.
Breeding healthy, stable cattle, producing high quality milk, and ensuring the usage of quality grasses are essential.
With this goal in mind, we have established J-Agri Co. in the United States (California) and Honkawa Vina in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) for exports to Japan.
Additionally, the company responsible for sales for said goods within Japan is J-Agri Co., Ltd.

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1. We value nature and the environment.
2. We provide services for regional development.
3. We find effective uses for unused resources.
4. We contribute to advances in sustainable agriculture.
5. Our motto: Farmer to Farmer



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